Saturday, October 23, 2010

Twelfth Wealth

I need to let it out.

I am not sure what I was pondering earlier that made me suffocate in breathing. Generally, it was life. Life was never a beautiful thing to go through, no matter how optimistic you try to look at it. If you are lucky, all the good things happen to you. If you are as you are, and when you finally reach the stage when you see a lot of shits happening around you..

It actually makes you wonder how you had survive this far. makes you wonder how you did not pick up the knife and cut your throat out the moment you discover the reality of life.

Life is not a piece of ribbon weaved around a box of presents waiting for you to be delightful upon receiving it. Life itself is the manifestation of evil ready to tear upon your flesh and soul the one moment you feel like putting your defenses down.

Many people say and always do say how lucky one is still living. I, on the other hand,invite the idea of death. To me, I see no point in going through life every single day, doing things that I do not even know if it is right for me. Everyday is a zombified routine. Isnt that worse than dying?

But i respect the fact that the Creator of my life is not me. I will not take my life away until it is time for me to lose it.

And until I reach that... I will go through life like how it is meant for me.

... A lil break will be nice, though.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eleventh Tahern

Weather report. Hoho.

... Or more like, sky report..

Since I have been having this huge habit of staring at the sky and bringing my baby Dee Ess Ele Arr (DSLR) around everywhere with me, I did love to share the sky with everyone =] Hell yeah, its fascinating *lov3*

Today I have seen the most bizarre sky ever, but thats probably becuz I am so very ignorant back in the past.. Anyways, the blue blue pretty blue sky has disappeared, invaded by thick/thin, white/gray/dark gray/light gray clouds. Its the first time I have ever seen it that way and boi oh boi, thank the Heavens I had my baby with me XD

My dad wasnt surprised. He told me it was an post-rain process (own word =P). And speaking about the rain, the Man up there is seriously something. Either that or the world/Malaysia is so depressing that Almighty Dad hadda start crying for it -___-

Not that I mind. Its Holy Water, why should I mind? The only problem is that my assignments are all made out of paper. And water = NOT paper's best friend, holy or not.

Well, enough rants. Pics' turn now ;D

^ Sadly, yes, I was trapped in a speedy car so excuse the bad composition. Concentrate on the sky XD

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tenth Bend

^Sum soup-in-a-bread in Times Square. Its full of win this one :D

On one Sunday that I no longer remembered which, my family and me headed out to Shah Alam for our first trip to ICity 8DDD Since ICity, through my eyes, had seemed very famous even though my very first thought on that place was: 'It's just a place with lights. What's so nice about it?'

Sadly, my thoughts had not really change after I had been there. It is a darn good place for photoshooting though .___. Devilene, you should try going there once for cosplay XD I dunno what anime suits it tho ehe ehe.

First slap in the face when we reached there was paying RM10 parking ticket (oh wow~~~ we are in frigging KL~~! zzzz) but at least we could use the parking ticket to enter 'special' places like the apparently-snowy-place-with-lights and the safari-place-containing-fake-animals-and-a-lost-dinosaur -_____-||| That aside, my first impression of the place is..


I mean, of course since I don't see lights around my place. But the more I looked at it, the more I wandered around that place, the more I stayed in that areas, I felt delusional. Seriously, my head was aching, and my stupid malfunctioned eyes dying; I kept seeing lights moving and swaying around but they weren't. Yeah, it felt like I was on Ecstasy even though I never tried Ecstasy before (ish a good gal *halo ting!*).

Hell yeah, I wanted to get out of that place. But hey, my camera loved that place so you know.. I could not just leave my baby camera behind in that sinful place T__T And so, I stayed...

And my camera saw it fit to show off to you guys of the wonders of ICity and also her abilities, so I hadda upload them .___.

Enjoy ;D

Warning: You might experienced a slight headache and a lot of eyerape while going through the pictures. So I advice you guys to not look at it for too long and of course, view at your own risk :D

^ My masochistic brother.

^ Oh yes, lotsa balls -3-

^ My personal favourite =]

^ My beautiful father X3

P.S: I has mah first DSLR already *______________* I can now... die... in..... peace......

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ninth Pint

Sixth day in Sabah = Last 24 hours to spend in Sabah ;___;;;

Main goal of the day: Cook for ourselves and for Devilene's parents who did so much for us while we were there ;D

Main dish: Lasagnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 8D

Side dish: Garlic bread, Campbell mushroom + chicken soup, POTATO SALADDDD and fizzy drinks 8D

Main chef: RenRen 8D

Chef's loyal assistants: All of us ROFL

Before main goal is to be accomplished, though, we went to shop again for the lulz. To get souvenirs for mah family 8D A bunny pencilbox for my notti sister, a bunny coinbox for my specky brother and a sumo lamp for my other brother 8D I almost got broke just by buying those stuffs. So you better be grateful, you lil brats! :D

^ Lunch 8D U can get it nowhere in Subang zzz Tasted way way way better than KFC's Cheesy Wedges -3-

Remember the building I mentioned in the last post? Where the building had already burned down and all that was left are pillars and random artists whom left their marks on it (as in, paintings. Not the way dogs mark their spots ._____.)? So yes, we even detoured there for while. It was a sight to behold, imagining artists from all over, having different styles, just to beautified a place that was ruined. Just to express themselves ;]

Pictars shall do the talking :D

^ Big robot says to small robot: I am your father XD

After indulging ourselves in these artworks and exploding our cameras with so many shots, we hopped back into the car; ExitZero once again driving us off to a very familiar market, Giant 8D Where we got all our ingredients ASAP. It felt good to work as a team, when we all split up just to get the right items *__* Only thing that went wrong was the trolley .___. It had a habit of winding itself than performed a perfect straight line movement. Kind of represented our cuckoo group XD

^ They no use plastic bags! They use boxes! Genious! :D

Upon reaching Devilene's home, we got ready as soon as possible just to find out that Devilene's uncle was using the kitchen as well. Coz we let him use first ;D Least we got some rest while the uncle was using the kitchen =)

When he was almost done, we got into action! Coz, most credits went to RenRen for directing us properly XD And I finalleh learned how to make proper western potato salad! :D I helped out with the soup too hoho XD The best I could do .___. The rest were great with the homecooked garlic bread and the chopping and the slicing and the washing = made a great team, we do =) I am so not worried about final project in TOA now ROFL

Unfortunately, I had got no pictures of our progress because my hands were, well, invaded by tasty food. I was a lil too hungry to care about photographs at that moment as well |D OTL I will scout if my friends had it XD

Niways, yes, the food tasted heavenly after our hardworks ;D When Devilene's parents said it was good as well, happier us 8DDD

I really love that potato salad .___.